1400million of assets under management
720megawatts capacity
60solar & wind farms
50qualified employees

What’s new

Our offer

As a global asset manager, our companies have extensive experience in different areas. The CEE Group offers:

  1. Consultation

    Our advisory and investment approach is based on the highest methodological skills. Are you looking for a suitable investment opportunity? We advise you independently and individually.

  2. Sustainability

    Thanks to our extensive market knowledge we are able to develop sustainable investment concepts. Our success is based on a high process safety, a reliable network and the major motivation of all involved.

  3. Network

    With 15 years of activity in the renewable energy industry, we have a deep network of partners across the value chain.

  4. Growth

    We believe that the demand for continuous development to enterprises and households will grow continuously. In the area of capital market, we are convinced that stable property values are subject in the future of a strong demand. With this development, we see ourselves as a catalyst and designers – to continuously new opportunities for our customers to open up.

Our projects

We have gained experience in the renewable energy investment market over many years. Get an overview of our projects here.


We offer you diverse developmental possibilities and tasks in a promising field of action. We look forward to receiving your application!