CEE acquires a 20 megawatt wind farm in Mohon, France

Hamburg, 15 January 2016 – The acquisition of the Mohon wind farm on 29 December 2015 concluded the successful expansion of CEE’s portfolio in 2015. CEE, an investment company specialising in renewable energies, is one of the largest independent producers of green power in Germany.

The Mohon wind farm is situated in Brittany, about 70 km to the west of Rennes, and is currently under construction. It is due to be commissioned in the summer of 2016. The eno energy group from Rostock, which will implement the project developed by its French subsidiary EEF, is the general contractor and seller. The Mohon wind farm consists of ten wind turbines (Vesta V90, 2 megawatt (MW) each). The hub height of the turbines is 105 m and the rotor diameter is 90 m. The Mohon wind farm is expected to produce about 46,000 megawatt hours of sustainable electricity each year, which will be fed directly into the French grid. After connection to the grid, the specialist CEE subsidiary CEE Operations GmbH will manage the commercial operations, while eno energy GmbH will be responsible for technical operations.

After the Rehfeld wind farm in Brandenburg, this is the second project in which CEE has collaborated successfully with eno energy. The Hamburg-based company previously had three French wind farms in its portfolio. After the acquisition of the Mohon wind farm, CEE’s French portfolio has grown to 64 MW. The rated capacity of CEE’s overall wind power portfolio will increase to 237 MW. Together with the solar parks, CEE’s overall portfolio had a capacity of 510 MW at the end of 2015.

Detlef Schreiber, CEE’s CEO, says: “The strength of our portfolio remains in Germany as our core market. In addition, we are cementing our position by diversifying into further European markets and are using the opportunities offered by a European energy policy that focuses on sustainability. The successful expansion of our total portfolio to 510 MW underscores CEE’s strong competitive position.”


Project partners

Financial due diligence Sterr-Kölln & Partner mbB
Legal/tax due diligence Sterr-Kölln & Partner mbB
Commercial due diligence Sterr-Kölln & Partner mbB
Seller eno energy GmbH
General contractor eno energy GmbH
Technical operator eno energy GmbH
Finance partner NORD/LB
Commercial operator CEE Operations GmbH


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