CEE Fund Advisory

CEE Fund Advisory GmbH is an investment adviser specialising in infrastructure projects and financing. We advise investment fund and asset management companies on infrastructure projects and financing.

Our offering

We advise investment fund and asset management companies in connection with the selection, analysis, acquisition and management of national and international infrastructure projects and financing.

  1. Expertise

    Our investment and management team has many years of experience in providing advice on infrastructure projects and financing and its planning, implementation and monitoring. We are therefore able to offer our clients advice that meets the highest standards.

  2. Reliability

    Our investment professionals have 20 years of relevant professional experience on average in infrastructure projects and financing. This makes the CEE Group a reliable partner for your investments.

  3. Independence

    Independent advice and support is hugely significant for investors and funds investing in alternative assets. As part of the Bankhaus Lampe Group, CEE Fund Advisory is able to offer such independence.

Our approach

As an adviser that specialises in infrastructure investments, we offer advice on alternative investments to fund and asset management companies. We aim to achieve a balanced risk/return ratio for our clients and thus profit from sustainable developments.

The team in Hamburg

Steve Sowinski
Tom Christopherson
Director Analysis and Portfolio