Investment Management

CEE Management invests the CEE Group’s equity capital and manages the investments. We concentrate primarily on equity investments in the renewables sector. Our focus is therefore on the solar PV and wind sectors along with the technology firms operating in them.

Our offering

Our range of services covers the acquisition of energy production projects and their long-term operation. With total equity currently amounted to more than EUR 500 million, we operate national and international solar and wind farms. In doing so, we generate 720 megawatts of power – sufficient for 275,000 four-person households.

CEE has been open to external investor capital since 2007. Learn about our services below and profit from our know-how:

  1. Investment

    Besides investing equity, we also know how to successfully acquire debt capital from external financial institutions. Drawing on our know-how in renewables, we invest capital successfully for the future. With a total investment volume of EUR 1.4 billion, we operate 60 solar and wind farms in Germany and other countries.

  2. Operations

    We not only secure the overall investment, but also operate the renewable power plants that we acquire ourselves. Our team of commercial experts draw on their wealth of experience to support you.

  3. Innovation

    Investing in highly promising ideas pays off. This is why we invest not just in energy production, but also in firms that develop appropriate technologies and/or establish new business models.

Our approach

Sustainable and secure investments – that is what we aim to offer. By investing in the development and production of renewable energies, we not only generate attractive returns for our investors, but also safeguard our long-term future. Our goal is to participate in and shape the expansion of the renewables market in the long term.

Our proven selection and decision-making process forms the basis for successful and efficient collaboration:

Initial contact / confidentiality undertakings exchanged / receipt of outline and/or business plan

Rough analysis

Preparation of team sheet and letter of intent

Negotiating and signing of team sheet and letter of intent

Due diligence and detailed examination, possibly tender for finance

Contracts are drawn up and negotiated

Contracts are drawn up and discussed

CEE’s investment decision


Payout and acquisition (closing)

Our business areas

We invest in renewable energies mainly through our own project companies. The size of the investment depends on the risks involved. Learn more about our business areas below:

Solar PV power

In the solar PV segment, CEE invests mainly in solar farms in Germany and other countries. Our investment focus is on portfolios with smaller farms as well as larger parks with ground-mounted modules. A very diverse range of components are used in the installations. Depending on the project, thin-layer or crystalline modules are used. PV projects are attractive equity investments that secure consistently high returns.

Wind power

Among renewable energies, wind power is one of the most established sources of energy and is based on proven, mature technology. The technical availability of wind farms fitted with modern systems is high. We are in the process of rapidly raising the share of wind power in our portfolio in the onshore segment, as we see attractive investment opportunities especially in Germany and France. We invest both in existing farms and in projects still at the planning stage with a minimum capacity of 5 megawatts.

Our investments

To expand our portfolio we are constantly on the lookout for new projects in our business segments. We are also interested in cooperation agreements and strategic partnerships to use agricultural and forestry land. For example, we work with larger farms, farming cooperatives, machinery rings and forest owners. Our criteria:

  1. Size per investment

    Normally EUR 5 million to 35 million of equity

  2. Type of equity stake

    Normally majority stake

  3. Funding periods and types of funding

    Infrastructure projects that are ready for approval, turnkey or already in operation

  4. Regional focus

    Germany, EU

  5. Investment horizon

    Long-term (for project finance in line with German Renewable Energies Act, normally up to 20 years and longer)

Our investors

We currently have 17 equity investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, a municipal utility, three family offices and one fund of funds (shown as percentage):

  • Insurance companies
  • Banks
  • Pension funds
  • Strategic investors
  • Family offices
  • Fund of funds

CEE Management thus has a diversified group of exclusively German investors that seek long-term and sustainable investments. The requirement is met by CEE’s equity interests in renewable energies. The normal period of an investment is 25 years in line with the subsidy period under German Renewable Energies Act (EEG), which deals with the legal and financial promotion of renewables in Germany. In contrast to fixed-term funds, which are dependent on an exit, CEE is able to hold investments over the entire period provided the relevant requirements are met.