Here is a selection of our recent national and international projects. Please feel free to contact us for details and further references.

Nonnweiler wind farm, Saarland
Emmen Solar Farm, Netherlands
Kappel-Faas wind farm, Rhineland-Palatinate
Aßlar wind farm, Hesse
Kuhbett wind farm, Hesse
Lohkamp wind farm, Lower Saxony
Schmölln wind farm, Brandenburg
Gilmerdingen wind farm, Lower Saxony
Lüdersdorf wind farm, Brandenburg
Vormark wind farm, Brandenburg
Straßkirchen solar farm, Bavaria
Homestead solar park, England
Westerengel wind farm, Thuringia
Sylda wind farm, Saxony-Anhalt
Mohon wind farm,
Stendal solar park, Saxony-Anhalt
Looft wind farm, Schleswig Holstein
Aston Clinton solar park, England
St. Mandé wind farm, France
Saint-Hilaire-Du-Rotier solar park, France
La Ferrière wind farm, France
Coppenbrügge wind farm, Lower Saxony
Bicester solar park, England
Esparron de Vernon II solar park, France
Esparron de Vernon I solar park, France
Rehfeld wind farm, Brandenburg
Kalbe solar park, Saxony-Anhalt
Freimersheim solar park, Bavaria
Kirchhain wind farm, Hesse
Calau wind farm, Brandenburg
Halberstadt solar park, Saxony-Anhalt
Delouze wind farm,
Bertholene wind farm, France
Teetzleben wind farm, Mecklenburg W. P.
Elsterheide solar park, Saxony
Eggersdorf solar park, Brandenburg
Alhorn solar farm, Lower Saxony
Rohr solar park,
Birkig solar park,
Klein Lobke wind farm, Lower Saxony
Haidenaab solar park, Bavaria
Richelbach solar park, Bavaria
Berg Espich wind farm, Bavaria
Großenwede wind farm, Lower Saxony
Hurlach solar park, Bavaria
Ebern-TUP solar park, Bavaria
Ebern-Heubach solar park, Bavaria
Zwickau biomass CHP plant, Saxony
Domsdorf wind farm, Brandenburg
Bennigsen wind farm, Lower Saxony
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